Friday, March 27, 2020

That Corona Quarentine life! It's all OK!

Fast forward about a month and a half.  HOW in the world does time pass so quickly?  In a completely normal world time moves quickly but it seems with all that's happened in the last month it got away from me even more quickly than normal!

Daddy took the kids Target shooting
last week and mommy took a nap!

We are surviving quarantine over here one day at a time.  To tell the truth, this momma likes to hibernate at home in the winter generally so it hasn't changed my life too much.  Don't get me wrong things are different.  I just don't struggle with staying in during the cold months as much.  If it was summer and I was missing pool time and fun activities in the warm weather with the kids, then it would definitely rock my world more!

Haircuts happened
Dancing and playing went down and she might've worn
these jammies for three days straight.  It's fine.

What I miss most is probably date night with my hubby, lunch with friends and fountain drinks from the gas station!  Our biggest adjustment was schooling the kids.  It can be said that throwing out into the universe that you "could never homeschool" will then bite you in the butt at some point.  lol.  So here I am, overseeing their school work and not doing so great at it!  Luckily teachers are the real MVP's and got everything organized and put up online for their students in record time and all I really have to do is make sure they are doing the work and help with a few questions.

The virtual Disney trip we took really wiped these two out!

I am always trying to find ways to make things fun with the kids without making myself go crazy because lets be real, this mom is not into the crafting fun stuff so much with these last 4 as I was with the first 3.  It's fine.  We've been doing movie nights, games and way more screen time than should be had.  In fact, I just told the 10 year old I was pretty sure with the amount of time he's played Fortnite this week he had a full time job.

Classroom time!

You know what I realized during all this?  Well, truthfully, I realized this as a mom of 6 more than a few years ago, but it's definitely come into play this last couple week for sure.  It's ok to just get by sometimes.  Do what NEEDS to get done and wing it.  It's ok to chill and doze and relax in front of the TV one day if you aren't feeling it.  It's ok to nap.  It's ok to pop some popcorn and throw on a movie when you just can't deal with the chaos of the kids for a couple hours.  It's all ok.  The dishes, laundry and schoolwork will be there tomorrow so if you need a break today just take it.  When you are feeling it, well rock it out and then you'll feel less guilty when you need to just sit.  If the toddler won't leave your heels and keeps crying to be cuddled and just be still with you, do it.  Even if the breakfast dishes sit for longer than normal.  Do what works for you!  There is no precedent for being quarantined with your family for days on end.  We are forging a new path here.  For me, it's quiet.  It's simple, routine days.  It's binge watching shows, making yummy treats (if you know me you know that for me this is not is yuck) and feeding my crew good food.  Its taking naps with the toddler and sleeping in in the mornings.  For you it might be routine, crafts, schedules and you know what?  It is all just OK!!

Baby girls still make milestones!  She graduated to the big
table.  She's the one who made this happen!

Hang in there momma's!  This too shall pass.

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