Saturday, February 8, 2020

Show your man some love this Valentine's!

I love love!  I love being in love. I love my love. I love working to make our l0ve stronger. I also love showing him I love him. And before this all sounds too sappy and blek I’m here to tell you I also get annoyed with my love. Frustrated with my love and tired of working at love. But it’s totally worth it!

Valentines Day is a love it or hate it holiday, it seems. I don’t feel either way about it especially.  I mean, I love gifts as much as the next girl and you better bet I want something from him on Vday buuuut I also think that gifts on a random Tuesday or flowers on a crazy Monday just mean more, ya get me?  Like he was thinking of me for no other reason than just ‘cause!  It seems though our guys don’t seem to get the random gifts the way we do…?!?  Maybe it’s because they don’t care as much?  Not sure why that is but I love a good excuse to show him I love him. Sometimes, life gets in the way and having a holiday or special day is the perfect excuse to remember your guy! 

Here’s some ideas to show your man you love him this Vday that don’t include a chocolate heart!

 Boudoir photo shoot  
 Nope, I’m not talking some weird, porn type photo…unless you’re into that, I guess. Do you.  I’m saying grab a selfie stick or a friend or tripod. Glam yourself all up til you feel sorta gorgeous and go for it in a tasteful way. Whatever that looks like to you and your man. The more comfortable you feel the more beautiful those pics will come across!  

      Get a hotel for the night and a babysitter for those babies!
       Enjoy sleep, food, hot tubing, sleep, being together and more sleep. Well add on some fun between     sleeps but all of us parents could use some time away from the kids and remember we love each other as man and woman!

     Make him his favorite meal!
      Grab those fancy dishes and place mats and light those candles!  Dress up for your man and                 make it a night in. Sometimes a fancy dinner doesn’t have to happen at a                restaurant! Especially if he loves your cooking. 

4    Take him to his favorite game/concert.
       This might not always fall into place right on Valentine’s Day but showing your guy that his                 passions mean something to you by showing him you know they are important to him is a                   great way to say I care!  This could work with anything your man is into!  Does he like                         game?  Take him to an escape room. Guns his thing?  Shooting range. Does he love                             movies?  Take him to see something you wouldn't ordinarily want to go see and spring for                   the  recliner seats. 

     Print him a photo book  Gather all your favorite pics of you through the days, months or years you've been together and compile a book for him. Add on your thoughts, feelings and memories with each photo and how could he not love it!  

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or not it’s a good excuse to show the ones you love that you care!  We all want to feel loved and needed by the people closest to us. It’s hard sometimes to remember to love each other as a couple once the kids start coming. We start focusing on our family more and us as a couple less. The years of kids and homework and bedtimes will end. I promise. Faster than you think they will so it’s important to nourish your relationship so that when the days of littles are gone you will look at one another and remember why it all started! Happy Valentine's!



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