Tuesday, February 4, 2020

McEwan Crazies Chronicles Jan 26-Feb 2

Hey all!  This mom’s been struggling hard this week! I hate January and February, like soo much!! Really, I just hate winter in general. All the cold doesn’t do well for my depression!  It’s hard to get out, to not feel “down” and to make myself do things. It’s stupid really. Feeling down?  What even is that?  I can’t even explain the feeling. It’s just blah. Any of you feel me?  Sometimes, you just need to do what's best for you even if it means you hide out inside your house for a few days at a time.  Luckily, I'm grateful to be here at home with the kids and not counted on outside my walls for much of anything.  Just got to keep the house standing and the kids alive.

Love this little lady's crazy after bath hair

Poor little peanut might not need a college fun after all, lol
This week was more routine. Routine and even more routine. It’s that winter hibernation. Has sickness hit your house yet?  Over here we are in full quarantine. Well some of us, anyway.  Lots of us have been missing school. Poor Andi was hit hard!  She’s been all sorts of miserable and sort of making me miserable too, lol. She’s my most sensitive, whiney kid so it’s not unexpected. She doesn’t deal well with feeling crappy. She missed four whole days although 3 would’ve probably cut it.  What is the deal with kids thinking just because they are feeling better on Friday that they should just go ahead and skip one more day?!?  Ha,Ha.  It’s literally made the entire round of us in the past 2 weeks and now it seems the littlest is getting yucky again. Never ending I tell ya!

Daddy and I went out this Thursday for an impromptu date night. John had some clothes he needed to exchange from Christmas. Poor guy wandered the section for about 30 min never actually grabbing anything. It was almost painful for a pro-shopper such as myself to watch. I took over and in 30 minutes had grabbed more than enough, he had tried them on and we were done. I love him the most. I think he truly doesn’t know how to spend $$ on himself. He grew up with not a lot extra and really hates spending, especially on things he finds unnecessary but truly doesn’t seem to be able to spend on himself frivolously. Usually, I just do it for him because working daddy’s deserve and need new things too. Even if they don't want to spend any money!

 Due to our smallest lady's little 8:30 pm nap time pictured above, mom was up with her until 2 am.  We headed downstairs after daddy feel asleep and ate cereal, did dishes, and made banana bread.  Biggest sis had a baking fail, like we all do from time to time, and had to leave before it was all cleaned up.  She also wasn't feeling very good over the failed banana bread catastrophe so mom cleaned the oven at midnight and went ahead and made her two loaves and sent her a text about how trying a failing is a part of cooking like it is life.  Sometimes we have to keep trying to learn the skills!  Seriously though, how many of us have cooking horror stories?  I am super happy to say that I can hold my own, despite hating the actual act of cooking, but it took my many trials and errors, and complete failures to figure it out.  I tried making gravy multiple times and continued to not be able to anything but screw it up.  For ten years I just didn't even try again.  One day I decided I'd go ahead and try one more time...adding in a little more salt, less water and making sure that I put in enough broth.  What do you know?  I actually succeeded!  I've made it multiple times since.  So when you fail at that bread, or that gravy, don't give up forever!  When you are ready to try again, do it, because you never know if that will be the time it finally all comes together.  Isn't that just a metaphor for everything in life.   You got this, Kinzles!  Also, midnight is the best time to bake banana bread in case anyone is wondering.

We got to meet the cutest new fur member of our family. My sister got a doggie and we all loved meeting him. He did awesome with our puppy and the littles. She was nervous since he’d never been around kids before. He’s a sweetie and her only baby, so he's bound to be seen lots around here!  Any name suggestions??

My favorite thing this week was a date with some great friends and some of my most favorite people, plus a lunch date with a couple of friends.  Being around people who uplift you and make you laugh just makes life that much more sweet. I am so blessed to know people who do that for me. Find the people who no matter what you look like, mood you’re in or space in life you find yourself just allow you to be who you are, where you are. Then do the same for them!  I am so thankful for the group of friends I now call family even when I don’t see them as often as I'd like!! Finding people who can love you and you can love unconditionally isn’t the easiest but when you do they are there for life. Sometimes, God will put people in your life who become family even when they aren't given to you through blood!

Super bowl Sunday!!  Nope. Not a football fan. Like at all. But I am a fan of my man and he’s been a die heard fan of the 49ers since the days of Steve Young. Watching him finally get to watch and root for his team during a super bowl is pretty cool. I don’t wanna watch it but I’ll make sure there is plenty of food to eat, fun to have and represent his team!!  Go 49ers! (Poor daddy, they ended up losing).  We had a little twist in the fourth quarter when the power went out.  Cece, the 8 year old, thought the apocalypse had definitely began! 
They spent the last quarter on spotty cellphone service in the dark.  Poor guys, after the game, decided that they needed to end the "curse".  John, has had Kapernick jersey from years before the whole debacle and decided that burning it in the backyard fire pit would end the curse!  Glad the boys have relationship that allows for burning random clothing at 9pm on a Sunday night in a power outage! I love my boys!

Goodbye, curse of Kapernick

Fun Fact:  I grew up until I was 12 near the bay area in California.  My dad HATED the 49ers.  Mostly on principle since he was an implant and was a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.  I personally think he just has to go against the grain, but he decided to develop an intensely passionate hate for them. Well, maybe not, he did decide that the Oakland A's were his favorite baseball team.   It was definitely ironic that I married a dude who's been in love with the 49ers since he was a boy, lol.  It's made for some good competitions between them.  And given me one son with a passion for the 'Niners and one son who like to call himself a Vikings fan, also because he might just like to go against the grain.  Genetics maybe?!?

Enjoy your week everyone!!



Things we learned:

Our dad doesn’t do shopping well. Or at all. 

Date nights are fab. 

Friends are super important. Choose your people!

Being faithful pays off in more than just relationships!  Go 49ers. 

Being sick sucks. 

Having a party motivates you to clean like nothing else. 

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