Sunday, February 9, 2020

McEwan Crazies Chronicles Feb 2-Feb 9

Hello all!!  This week our kids got to experience their first EVER snow day off school.  Yep, you read that right.  In the 16 years we've had kids in school our school district has never declared a snow day.  I'm pretty sure it started from parents complaints over a certain snow storm last year.  It was pretty crazy with the amount of parents driving kids to and from school but I'm still not certain it should've required a day off.  It certainly didn't require them to declare Monday a no school day. Literally there wasn't any snow on my road when I looked out the window but then again we can go ahead and blame the weather people.  They were sure we were going to be all snowed in.  Luckily, it didn't hit near as bad as they were predicting!  The kids of course spent the day inside with all the devices running and causing general chaos.  Izzy, the baby, and I are used to our quiet days with all the kids gone. Lol.  Of course they had a few battles and the kids luckily had some friends come ask for some sledding buddies so they did end up out the door for a little while!

Snow Day looks like every other day around here!

Most of this week was spent out of the elements and in the house where it's cozy and warm.  I like those kind of days sometimes where I just get to chill under blankets, watch Grey's Anatomy and cuddle my baby girl.  I mean who else is obsessed with Grey's???  I swear it never gets old...I htought for sure when McDreamy got killed off it'd go downhill but, nope!  

It's rare she falls asleep on me anymore, so I had to document it!

We did take the kids to swim again.  It seems to be becoming a thing for us on the weekends.  We sure love reaping the perks of Kinzie's job!  It's almost like being in warm weather, besides the lack of sun.  The 83 degree temp in the pool room sure does a good job of helping us pretend though!  Pretty soon mom is gonna need a getaway to an actual warm weather climate!  I miss sun and heat.  Sure the sun comes out once in awhile but it just doesn't help my mood much.  I need 80 degree sun dang it!

Bryce got to go to a Wolverine basketball game and UVU on Saturday with dad and his team.  He got to talk to the players and coaches afterward and thought that was just so awesome!  The dads posed the boys so nicely with all the team members and the UVU players.  Turns out the one snapping the pic captured all blurry photos!  I swear, if it were us mommas we'd have all been taking the kids pics simultaneously, probably capturing kids looking all different directions trying to figure out which phone to actually smile for.  Maybe the guys have the right idea?!?  If the guy snapping the pic makes sure he's actually gotten one he can use!  Ha, Ha.  They kids did get free food at the stadium so either way it was a win in their book! 

This coming week is looking a tad busier than the last couple.  We have a couple doctor appointments, just checkups, a girls movie night (thanks $5 Tuesdays and with recliner chairs), and celebrating our Ian's 16th this weekend plus Valentines.  Kinzie and I are also heading to see some of our favorite people for a little peace and quiet and time together!  I can't wait.  Packing for myself and my little toddler plus all the gear for the plane ride doesn't sound near as exciting!  Travelling with a toddler should really get you an award of some sort.  Maybe a free vaca on a beach somewhere.  Just sayin'!



This week we learned:

Snow days will be spent the same as every other day on video games indoors.  If we'd skipped the snow day it would've been spent as one more day on spring break.

Young love is pretty special and I love seeing my son so happy.

Mom it seems, need a little getaway in February to decompress and remind her why she loves being a mom to all these kids.

Some weeks you cook 5 times and some weeks you have pizza twice.  It's fine.

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