Saturday, February 8, 2020

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your littlest loves!

I think Valentine’s Day gets a bad wrap. Yes, it’s totally commercialized. Yes, it can make those without a significant other feel lonely, I suppose, but I like to think love isn’t geared toward just your significant other. Love is universal!  It can be how we feel about all those closest around us. While it might be commercialized as the love in a relationship  we all have people we love and who love us!  It should be celebrated!  I’m down for showing those we love we love them whenever, but it’s kind of great that at least once a year the world reminds us to show love by giving us a day all about it!  Everyone, don’t care who you are, wants to know they are loved and FEEL they are loved. 

I don’t know about you but I consider my babies, all 7 of them to be the tiny loves of my life and an extension of the love their dad an I have for each other. So, of course I love to show them that they are my tiny little Valentines every love day!  Don’t worry, I make time for my man too!  

Some years I go all out and some years I do simple inexpensive trinkets but every year I try and make it special. For the past 6 or 7 years it seems one part of our Valentine’s Day celebration has become tradition. It’s something they’ve all asked me about year after year and it’s super simple to make happen!

Depending on the year, time available to me and budget I come up with a menu. Sometimes it’s a full on steak dinner like you’d get at a restaurant. Just for the kids. It might not sound like a lot but for a crew of 9 steak dinners don’t happen on the regular, ya know?  Some years I’ve ordered heart shaped pizzas. Other times I’ve made pasta with all the sides. The one thing they can always count on and always seem to ask me about each Valentines is the table setting. I go all out. Well, all out for me and deviating from the normal paper plate dinner regimen around here, it feels pretty special. It’s all about the table cloth, the fancy dishes and the wine goblets. They love it and it’s something simple I can do that makes them feel special!  We even light candles to make it feel even more awesome and sprinkle kisses around the table. Some years I’ve added a balloon tied to a chair for each or a single rose across their plates.

I also like to set their gifts at their place setting. I would LOVE to show each of them how much they mean to me with huge gifts and grand gestures but it just doesn’t happen with the budget and the fact that we literally have a birthday kid February 16th

Here’s some ideas for the young loves in your life. Some are tried and true. Some I might just go ahead and try in the next couple years!

1.  Favorite treat/snack especially for the older kids. Sometimes the generic box of chocolate or candy hearts just don’t do it for my kids taste buds. Plus by getting their favorite it lets them know that their mom knows each of them uniquely!

2.  Gift cards to food places. This is SO on my list this year. You can determine the amount based on your budget, the restaurant to their taste and the older kids love to not spend their own money on food while the younger ones love they have $$$ to spend!

3.  Band shirts. Cater them to each kid and their music tastes. 

4.  BeenieBoos. Have you heard of these. If not you probably exist under a rock, haha. Or don’t have littles. My younger kids love these!!  They make them in  every color, size, and type of animal you can imagine plus they come with a name and birthday. My kids love to see if the birthday coincides with anyone we know or anyone in our family. They have all range of prices from the tiny sizes to the huge ones so it can work for anyone’s budget!  Even ours, haha. 

5.  Fun socks. Fun socks are always fun for everyone!  It seems the last few years even the teens and young men have jumped on this trend so it’s an easy one to get for each of your kids of all ages!

One thing I always try to do and is truthfully my favorite part of the day of love, is to write something small to each kid. Reasons why I love them and why their uniqueness is special and why they each mean so much to our family!  Don’t we all just want to feel loved and cared for?  While these are small ideas I believe that sometimes those are the best kind. It’s not about the biggest and best. It’s all about why we love those we love and how we can show them just how loved they are!

I think that how we show love and what love means to each of us is a different and as unique as we are!  Maybe these ideas work for you. Maybe it starts your brain storming to find what is unique to your family!  Either way I hope your Valentines is filled with love to those who are precious to you!



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