Tuesday, January 21, 2020

McEwan Chronicles Jan 12-Jan 19

This week was a bunch of routine. You know the kind. Cleaning, laundry, dishes and kids activities. Lots of friends to play and mom cooked 5 times this week! That’s a record guys!  For real. 

Can I just tell you how much I hate winter? Every single year I ask John why we live in a place that literally freezes my face off in the winter. Every year! Yet, here we stay. Do you ever think about why you live where you do?  Sometimes I find myself thinking about it. We could probably work it out to live somewhere different but I find myself reluctant to take steps to make it happen. I believe its tied to the amount of times I moved as a child and add on the fact I hate change and I’m in a comfort zone here and I’m sure that’s a big reason why we stay. John grew up here, I’ve lived here most my life and my kids know nothing else. So, instead of going somewhere I’d soak up sun and warmth, I instead suffer through the winter every single year and we stay. Maybe someday it will happen.  For now we will stay where its comfortable and enjoy the sun and sand as vacation time. 

With this week's routine we’ve also had some fun around here! Mom decide to go ahead and try her hand at dog grooming.Yip, you read that right, Lol. It was an adventure to be sure. Luckily our little Teddybear just laid there quietly and let me work. I cut most everybody's hair around here, so I figured why not try the dog???  It was an hour and half ordeal with mom ending up wearing a fur suit at the end, with a back ache and fully knowing that being a dog groom will not be in my futurel. I did a pretty good job though, I think. Lol. We shall see if I under take it again or if it’s worth the $65 to take him in and have someone else deal with it. 

The three “littles” also had an opportunity to go with their Aunt to watch Suessical the Musical. They always think it’s fun to have an Auntie date and this week was no exception. They all loved it!  Minus trying to get them to grab appropriate outer wear as they left the house it was a good time for all of them.  What is the deal with kids thinking a hoodie sweatshirt is the same as a coat?  Especially when they have to put it on over the top of their nice combed hair and dress clothes?

Our poor tiny girl had the worst 24 hours. Mom won “mom of the year” when she fell of the bench at the end of my bed, smacked her head on our killer foot board ( no really, that thing has taken out many a thigh) and then cried so hard she puked. The next day she ends up with a nightmare cold and coughs so hard she puked again and once she was feeling better, the next night literally chokes on a muddie buddie!  Like What. Is. Happening!?!  Poor peanut. Mom was walking around with puke on her sleeve like no big deal, after she fell off the bed, like I’m wearing a crown to go along with my title. It's fine.  We all survived and mom took her title like champ.

Poor little sickie was just goopey and sad the
for most the week.

My oldest son asked to chill and watch movies with his dad and I and the family. I don’t know what got into his cereal but you better believe I made it happen!  We even made homade pizzas, for like the third time EVER in their lives!  Seriously!  It doesn’t save any money or time and we would’ve been better off in the Little Caesar’s drive thru but the kids thought it was fun, so mom win!  For once this week. I was killin’ it.  Well until the muddie buddie choking  issue. Life has a way of not letting me think I’m too cool or too good at, anything really, before shoving me right back down to my mediocre spot. I guess it works out though because trying to keep up with anything more than that might make me slightly crazier!  Lower expectations helpme keep perspective, haha.

This week life tried kicking my butt!  Once again, I didn’t let it take me down. So remember, life can throw all sorts of trials and crap at you. You can go to bed one night feeling like the worst parent ever but your kids and friends and people who love will still love you even when you’re human!  Your kids will still think you’re pretty awesome when you let them roll out Rhodes rolls into their own personal pizzas. Just put one foot in front of the other because you are doing great mommas and daddies and aunties or whomever you are. To those who love you you are doing amazing!  

Til next time!

Love,  Mykin aka World’s most mediocre mom!

We learned:

Mom's can and will screw up

Time away with your Aunt is lots of fun

Adult kids really do like you

Homemade pizza is not easier or cheaper but is a lot more fun!

Mom is not a dog groomer

Winter still sucks!

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