Sunday, January 12, 2020

Mcewancrazies Chronicals Jan. 5- Jan. 12

Clean kitchen’s make happy moms!
Only took a whole week to catch up the dishes!
This week was back to routines for the kids!  Aren’t routines nice? I’d like to say it was as great for momma but I’m still trying to dig out from under the Christmas break mess and feeling a little overwhelmed. I keep us all super busy in the summer. I used to think it was mostly because I love the weather and just want to be out enjoying it, which is true!  I think I also partly have us all gone most days doing fun things to keep the kids entertained, enjoy our summer to the fullest, and maybe mostly to keep the house in one piece. There’s 9 of us and I’m only one person severely lacking in the ability to keep up with everyone else around here. Lol. I say all this to give you the perspective of Christmas break. It was all I could do to keep up on the normal everyday chores let alone figure out homes for new items, clean and put away Christmas and clean up from the busy month of December. I might be slowly losing my mind!

Apparently being away from siblings all day at school does not, in fact, make the heart grow fonder. The two elementary aged kids came home almost everyday this week already bickering and fighting. I mean, seriously?!?  I thought it was all the time in close quarters that allowed for extra fight but apparently it’s just sharing the same blood and family. It must be genetic!  This did not help moms psyche! We did have a fun little afternoon giggle sesh/chat one afternoon after school while sitting at the table. The kids with phones found and shared all their “blackmail” photos of each other and us!  I vow to be more aware when pics are being snapped. Haha. 

Aidan, our 18 year old started his first college semester!  I’m so proud of him. He’s loving the experience so far and feeling his way to learning all the things!  Trains, buses, books and financial aid. But, he’s doin’ it!  I’m so thankful Kinz, 20, has 5 semester under her belt and took him by the hand, figuratively, and helped him and I through it all. It’s been fun to see. It reminds me of the times she’d run around in her little dress up clothes and messy hair and drag him along into all her shenanigans when they were just little itty bitty toddlers together. He was a super great side kick until the day he realized he got to be the “dragger” of his younger bro and poor Kinz got a little left behind. 

We’ve had a house guest this week. One of our bonus kids is in between apartments. I’d learned through his little lady that he was planning on sleeping in his car. In January. In Utah. Ummm, nope!  Of course he’s welcome as long as he needs. It’s been fun having him and getting to know him better. He’s hardly here to tell the truth, just like our Kinz, college life and all that. We’ve really loved having him. I swear I’d just build a giant commune and let all my kids and their kids and their kids all live around us!  I love it!  Plus the older kids don’t complain when I decide to cook a meal. Lol. 

Fun fact:  John, the hubs, actually lived with my dad for 5 months before our wedding. So we’ve come full circle. (Not that a wedding is even talked about at this point but you get the idea.)

I’d like to say that routine helped mommy this week. The truth is I’ve been struggling. I tend to do that in the winter months usually, but was hoping maybe this year would be different. I’ve been feeling a tad drug down. Some of it has been contributed to by the mess I’m digging out from and some just the cold weather. Some of it’s just been life in and of itself. I have a whole blog post all about it and am trying to make it ready to post in a couple days. Just know that sometimes we all have hard weeks. It’s ok. Sometimes I tell myself it’s ok and feel like it isn’t but I’m telling you it really is!  There is always blessings in the muck!  Sometimes they are just harder to find!

Thanks for following along!  We hope by sharing our real life with you that you will also feel like your everyday life is magical, crazy, hard and sweet just like ours!  



Lessons learned this week:

Sending college aged kids off to school is just as emotional for mom as sending them to kindergarten!

Messes make mom crazy and sad. Being crazy and sad make mom not want to clean the mess. It’s a conundrum. 

Routine is good. Always. But not set schedules for me!

Menus planned and written down get mom in the kitchen and out of the drive thru. It doesn’t make her love cooking anymore though!

Having two laundry days a week doesn't save you from mountains of laundry if you don’t fold and put it away!

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