Monday, January 27, 2020

McEwan Crazies weekly Chronicles Jan 18 - Jan 25

It’s January and January sucks!  Well it does in my world because I am not a winter weather lover. I can appreciate a nice snow covered day where the sky is bright blue. For a little bit. I’m saying this yucky, foggy, wet and dreary weather can leave anytime now!!
Winter, it seems, is just a time for routines around here. School, work, dinner, bath and bedtimes. You know the drill. This week was no different. 

Sunday was kinda awesome as we got to see and visit with lots of friends from our church we haven’t seen for a bit. Welcoming home a good friends daughter, one of my daughters best friends, from a church mission and getting to see friends made for a pretty great day!

John had a super late night on Monday!  Like the kill me late type. Much love to all the mommas out there doing it without a man or while their man is off slaying dragons. It’s HARD. I’m sure we’d work into a routine after awhile but when I’m fully used to another set of hands, eyes and ears around here to tag team with, it take about 30 min after the normally scheduled dad  time of arrival to make me start slowly losing it. Haha. By 10:30 pm when daddy finally pulled in and all three kids who were supposed to be in bed since 9pm all ran downstairs like they’d been having a watch for daddy party mom to realize it was just time to throw in the towel and say “forget it!”  Y’all better jump out of bed tomorrow like you have springs on your butts!

Mommy cooked like almost every night this week!  Props to me. If you've been around long enough you know how much mom does not like cooking!  Sometimes, I look back at our Newly wed life and wonder how the heck cooking morphed into my job?  Seriously girls. I’m talking to those of you who are engaged and soon to be married. Talk about these things!! Pick chores you know you won't want as a lifelong job and split them up because I swear once you’re in the role it’s got you for life, haha. I could probably figure it out and make the hubby start cooking as well,  but it’d be like going back to the newly married dinners of ramen and canned soup.  Seriously guys, one time my new hubby legit brought me canned spaghetti Os, a salad (not so bad right) but added on a side of over-easy eggs. It was confusing to my taste buds. Lol. So, since I did the hard work of learning the trial and error of cooking and I like eating palatable food, well, I guess I’m stuck in the role of cook for this crew. Don’t do it ladies, or gents!  Pick what works for you and your spouse and don’t get trapped in a role you would rather share!!  Love you, Baby. I know it wasn’t all your fault. 

Friday, mom, dad and little lady went and visited Aidan’s and Kinzie at work. It was a good little date night night, plus one, and I got to see my older babies hard at work. Parenting adult kids is hard!  Like super hard. I’m thinking on a blog post about this all on its own, but can’t decide what, and how much I want to include. Just know that watching your babies trying to figure stuff out when they are unsure, is seriously harder than just doing it yourself.

Saturday we spent lazing the day away until the evening. We are so lucky to have a fun big sis who lets us partake of her job perks!  We took the younger kids swimming and grabbed up some pizza on the way. Mom even splurged for soda for each of them. As I was contemplating going, all I could think about was the work of gathering up pool gear, getting there and then the afterward cleanup and subsequent laundry. It almost stopped me. Partly, I feel it’s the winter weather that makes me feel less motivated and partly just the added work of making these kind of things happen. Sometimes us mommas get overlooked among all the fun stuff. In our family, daddy is definitely the fun one. I’m more than ok with it, truly, but sometimes the fact that mom is the one who has the logistics down to make the fun a reality doesn’t seem to register. Lol. It can be overwhelming some days. Memories are worth it though!   I know this times a thousand. So, this mommy will keep making things happen in hopes that in between the laundry, dishes and fighting that goes on daily we are also creating the memories that will outlast them!  I see you!  You know who you are. Much love to all us background magic makers!



Lessons learned:

A kid will ask and ask for a haircut everyday without thought of having to wait like mom does when she asks for a bathroom to be cleaned. 

Misunderstanding happen. If you speak your truth kindly it opens dialog to solve issues in ways you never suspect. 

The work associated with making memories is a thankless job but worth it to create lifelong memories for these kids of mine.

There is no time to be sick around here unless you want the house to look like a tornado blew through it!

Helping your kids find their path is more soul wrenching than finding your own.

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