Monday, January 6, 2020

McEwan Chronicles Dec. 29 - Jan. 5

The kids went back to school today!! (Jan 6th, I know I'm's a problem.)  I had a little routine, some cleaning, which is still so behind, and some quiet.  I felt like a new woman.  I mean don't get me wrong, these kids are well, everything, but momma likes having a break.  I am so not the home school mom type!  I'd go crazy.  Props to you mommas out there who are though!  I bow down!
This week was spent doing all the usual things one does in the cold with all the kids home.  We spent lots of time indoors, some outdoors in the snow and too much screen time.  I really should work on the amount of screen time our kids get, but sometimes that quiet and contentment wins out and I let them play til their little hearts content or they first signs of fighting!

On Tuesday we took all the kids, minus one, to see Jumanji: The next level.  It's always a circus going anywhere with our crew especially into the crowds created by $5 Tuesday movies!  We filled 4 large buckets with popcorn, spilled a 32 oz soda the minute we sat down, and fought the 8 year old from sitting on the stairs with her 18 mo sister.  She didn't quite get that the 18mo old was given liberties to keep her content and quiet. lol.  Mom might've packed along some of the massive amount of left over Christmas candy and one for the oldest's boyfriend as well.  He probably thinks I'm nuts. It's fine.  
The movie was actually hilarious and reminded me of taking them all to see the first one, well the 2019 one.  I sat next to Kinzie, our oldest and her giggling and laughter made me so happy I laughed even harder than I probably would've and had tears running down my cheeks.  She literally makes things so fun!

We spent some time with friends for New Year's eve as per traditions.  We all ate yummy food and played games.  Izzy rocked the remote control and was sure she was playing along with the big kids on Mario Bros.  It reminded me of all of our kids up through the oldest as they'd sit next to daddy "playing" video games with random remotes either not plugged in or battery-less.  I still can't believe sometimes that we've been doing this parenting thing for 20 years!   I barely made it to 12am and was counting minutes from 11:42pm.  I was one exhausted momma.  Izzy, while a fan of the party, was not a fan of the fireworks!  She didn't quite understand while everyone was banging on pot and pans and carrying on either.  To tell the truth I don't quite get it either, haha.

New Year's kisses for daddy!

New Year's Day was spent at home.  Mom was slightly going crazy with the mess the house was in and the chaos as well.  So, mom and dad and little Peanut cleaned the master bedroom, brought up provisions and a high chair and spent the day in a little more quiet and the ONLY clean room in the house!  Mom is slightly neurotic and can't handle too much mess or clutter without feeling like the walls are closing in.  It tends to make me a tad crazy and a little bit mean.  Hence barricading into the bedroom.  I'm not going to lie, the last few days of break had me a bit crazy!  

Enjoying mommy's room...the only clean room to be seen.

I am so glad to be back to a routine even if I'm still trying to dig our way out of our Christmas mess here in the house.  It seems slightly redundant trying to work on any sort of organization while the kids are still home wrecking what I've accomplished.  I'm looking forward to working some more on the house and have been waiting to set out a bunch of decor items I've been collecting for months and finish a couple places in this house up!   

Hope you all are all looking forward to the upcoming week as I am.  What plans are coming your way?



What we've learned:

Mom really can't handle a mess for a long period of time.
Too much screen time can give kids headaches but spare mom one some days.
Routines are always a good thing.
Taking Christmas down is nightmare.
Family time is special but everyone needs a break sometimes!
New Year's kisses are best from tiny toddlers with slobbery lips.

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