Monday, January 6, 2020

McEwan Chronicles Dec. 22 - Dec. 29

This week was Christmas!  While Christmas morning has a certain special something, Christmas Eve is my FAVORITE. It’s quiet stillness outside seems to encompass what Joseph and Mary might’ve felt the night before his arrival. Well, besides those nasty contractions she might have been feeling anyway!  There just seems like something magical is the air and the anticipation of Christmas morning is a feeling not replicated any other time of the year!  Add on an uninterrupted family night where all of our kids join in to watch movies and spend time together and all the ingredients are there for my favorite night!  Most of the time when we do family movie nights it, seems at least one if not most, of the older kids ditch out. So, it’s pretty special to have all 7 of them hang out with us in the family room at the same time!

Monday we accomplished one of my favorite Christmas outings of the year. We visited Temple Square in SLC, with its glow of lights and festive air. While I love it every year, especially in temps in the upper 40s, I DON’T love crowds all that much. It definitely gives me anxiety. I don’t mean the worrying, nervous sort, I’m taking the full on irritable, turn me into a monster, feeling like I’m stuffed into a box and starting to panic kind. I'm definitely going to make sure this outing happens earlier next December instead of the day before Christmas Eve. Lol. We also dealt with the Grinch, like every family outing, who refuses to take pics for me and when forced refuses to smile.  I tell him one day he'll be looking through pics with his kids and they'll ask, "Dad, where are you?" and he'll have to say, "Well, I was a turd."

Christmas was magic like always and even more so with our sweet, little toddler. She loved ripping the paper, a-la super slowly and is always up for lots of family energy. It was a great Christmas morning and even better Christmas Eve with our family!  We usually spend Christmas eve eating, and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!  Classic!  It's just funny every year.  Everyone is in a good mood, with no fighting, and it just makes for my favorite day of the year!  It was fabulous.

We headed down south hoping for a little warmer weather and a visit with the Grandparents. We didn’t get our wish for warm temps but we had a fun, quiet (well sorta quiet) visit. All three older kids stayed home. We were continually joking how odd it would be if this was the size of our actual family. I do remember the days of only 4 kids but it seems so far removed from reality these days and I can't quite imagine it! Plus I sorta love these nutty people.

One thing we’ve learned, from visits to the Grands, is that we should try and do an outing at least once each day. Whether it’s something small or something larger during the warm months it allows the kids to expend energy and gives grandma and grandpa some quiet time if they desire!  So, the first full day there, we headed to the mall so the girls could shop til they dropped with their Christmas bounty. (Or until their money was gone.  Mom almost dropped before that happened!)  Bryce termed it, “malling”. Yep, it’s probably now a lifelong term for going shopping at the mall, haha. We headed to Target on day 2 to finish spending their money and then we did a late night frozen yogurt bribe, I mean run, so they’d stay in a bedroom so we could watch a movie they weren’t invited too. Our sweet monkey boy built himself a 1pound frozen yogurt,t to the price tag of $8!  Yep 1 entire pound of frozen yumminess. Guess that’s one perk of being one of many. You aren’t watched so closely!  Luckily for him he’s kind of awesome so we let it slip!  Little stink, he couldn't finish it either!

Really, we’ve just soaked up time together this week. Before, during and after Christmas. It isn’t common to have so much time as an entire family together with everyone’s schedules so I just tried to enjoy all the time. Even the crazy!  I do tend to feel myself getting worked up and know when it’s break time. I gently, and sometimes not so gently, tell them, ""mom is in a bad mood and needs quiet time for a bit."   They take it to mean, “y’all are killin' me and I love you but, I’m outa patience and I’m putting myself in timeout”. Either way they know to let me have it if they want happy mom.

Hope your Christmas was spent with all that you love!  We have a whole other week off before the kids are back to school. We have a couple fun activities planned!! Stay tuned to hear how it went or if mom decided to throw in the towel and say forget it!

We learned:

Family time is always magical and special even when it feels hard.
Teens really don’t understand moms need for pictures to capture memories.
It seems for some reason that we are a quieter bunch at the grandparents when the older kids aren’t there..?!
44 degrees, while cold, is still better than 20/30.
Mom is almost at her limit of crappy food!  Almost.
Cleaning the house BEFORE a trip is essential to moms sanity on the return

'Til next week!  Lets hope mom keeps her sanity...well as I'm late at posting this I can already tell you the struggles been REAL!  T-1 day until back to school!!

Love, Mykin

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