Sunday, December 8, 2019

McEwan Crazies weekly chronicals

The only little who asked Santa for a gift...except for the
oldest, who asked for either a yacht or a pair of socks, lol.

December 1-December 8

This weeks fun! And not so fun!

Typical errand running wear
Momma spent soooo much time playing Santa and his elves trying to condense the many boxes that shipped over the thanksgiving weekend.  Proud to say I got most of them wrapped.  My bedroom resembles Santa workshop but what do ya do??  Someday my room will be a quiet, peaceful sanctuary but that isn't going to happen in the month of December. It never really has's more like grand central station and the catch all for all the stuff I haven't gotten to put away.  Mom life!  Seriously, why can't people ship my orders in one fell swoop instead of one item per box??

So many errands ran. We've been getting ready for some parties this week and I am super excited..... and tired.  It's so worth all the efforts though to spend time with people we don't see often enough!!  Daddy surprised Izzy and I as we were getting in the car the other morning so we've gotten lots of Daddy/Mommy time while we run them.  He's come home early lots of days this week and surprised me.  I love spending time especially out of our ordinary day.  Sometimes the impromptu time together makes the best dates! 

A few weeks ago among lots of scheduling frustrations mom just decided to plan our families December activities.  Some were labeled "required", some "Hope you'll come", and then "optional".  It alleviated my annoyance at trying to coordinate schedules with everyone in the room. Ha, ha.  It worked well and made me a heck of a lot nicer just doing it myself.  I guess I like just telling them when to show up.

Our first family outing of December was this past Thursday.  We went to get our annual Santa family pics.  The older ones aren't quite sure why they still have to be there but I love our pic every year so it's a tradition that won't be stopping any time soon.  We all wore epic Christmas sweaters, even if some only wore them for the amount of time it took to be in a picture.  Note, the kid in the llama sweater and his rear side!  Best sweater EVER!  I didn't even notice until he walked away after the pic, lol.  We always take them out to dinner after and then we draw names for the sibling gifts and go shopping for their presents.  It's a fun little night out and I always look forward to it.  It was everything it always is.  Crazy, loud and chaotic.  But, I sat at dinner and looked down the ginormous table filled with all my babies and reveled in the laughs, teasing, goofing and sheer noise
He's obviously in love with his
sweater and mom taking pics.

of all of us.  Truly even though there's never a dull (or quiet) moment, I absolutely love and am privileged to raise these kids.  I adore having a big family and hope with all hope that we are creating impressions, love and bonds that will endure many years after we are gone!  I hope most that we leave a legacy of love that is passed down to future generations!!  Crazy that a Santa visit can make me all retrospective, haha.  Such is life when you learn the craziest things in the weirdest moments, usually the mundane ones.

We hosted a family Christmas party on Saturday and it was so much fun seeing people we only see a couple times a year.  I love hosting a good party.  Planning the food and decorating.  Wish my budget was unlimited so I could go all out and make it epic...but we can't throw a profesh party every year..or any year really, haha.  Isn't family crazy?  It got me to thinking why God decides to put us in each others lives and paths.  He obviously knows why more than we do as to what we need from one another.  When we set aside our differences in personalities, opinions and lifestyles we can really concentrate on seeing what God intends for us and those we love!  Sure am glad I learned this lesson and can teach it to my kids so they can always just be there for one another with love and no judgment.  We also happened to have an epic #elfie booth and it was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again next year...hopefully others found it fun as well, lol.  Sometimes my personality can just be a lot.  I gave up apologizing for myself years ago.  Take me or leave me, it's fine.
This week was spent doing what I love with the people I love.  December is magical!  We have two Christmas activities this upcoming week!  What fun Christmas outings have you been planning?

Lessons learned:

A teenage son can and will wear an ugly sweater for longer than the required 5 minutes during a family pic if his girlfriend shows up in hers dressed to party and convinces him that ugly Christmas wear and selfie booths are fun, dang it!

One 8 year old girl is full of life and can go from one end of the spectrum to the other in .2 seconds some days and mom will go to bed nursing a migraine some days!!  We sure love her though.  

Mommies can learn to care for and love their kid's significant others when they view them through the eyes of their child.  Sometimes having adult kids is so dang cool.  

Christmas can make your house look like a wreck and you can spend hours trying to keep up until you realize that maybe your house will just be a mess the whole month of December.  Ha, ha.

Daddy pulling in the driveway at 11am as we are ready to head out on errands can really throw a cog in the wheel but one I'd like to have everyday!

Enjoy your week!! See you next Sunday.

Love, Mykin

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