Sunday, December 1, 2019

McEwan Crazies Thanksgiving adventures!

 November 24 - December 1

This week we headed a few hours south for Thanksgiving weekend!  We always look forward to time spent with family and friends we don’t see a lot!  
Adding our crew into the grandparents house makes for a crazy time and lots of noise!  As much as grandma and grandpa are probably ready for us to leave by the end of the weekend, momma is also ready to head back to more bedrooms, spread out space, routines and more places for all the STUFF!  I really hate the clutter that comes with us almost as much as the fighting that ensues in close quarters. 
Even though spending so much uninterrupted time together creates a few more opportunities for fighting and chaos it also brings, well uninterrupted time together!  Which just so happens to be my favorite things...spaced apart by some quiet time away from one another in between lol. 
Of course celebrating thanksgiving gets me to thinking about all the things I’m grateful for and this bunch right here pretty much tops the list. I missed my Kinzie girl so much!  Having grown up kids can hurt those heart strings sometimes but I understand her need to to follow her own way too.  This group is full of strong minded, stubborn, loud and opinionated people but I sure am grateful God have them to me to raise. Believe me, it’s no easy task!  We strive to create an environment of love and openness where they can negotiate with us and always share their minds. Of course, it’s teaching them to do that without the back talk, snide remarks and snarky attitude that’s the real test!

We met with some of our favorite people who just happen to live down South where the Grands are so, it’s perfect. We try and see them every time we visit. We had some lunch and bowling 🎳 Sure wish they were still two houses away but I’ll take 4 hours away so I can still visit!

We had lunch the next day with the girl’s little besties and their families. The kids think it’s the best thing ever when we meet up when we are out of town and our “normal” lives. Most likely because they are attached at the hip at home and go through withdrawal when away from each other, haha. Eating out two days in a row was a treat this crew doesn’t get too often. Well, if it’s not take out pizza or McDonalds anyway. 

Made the whole family attend the movie Frozen 2!  Truthfully it was a great movie and even the teen boys couldn’t complain!!!  I had all the feels as I sat next to my Cece, 8, who’s obsession with all things Elsa and Anna was EPIC from the ages of 3-6!!  I held our tiny girl on my lap and watched as she was sucked right in to the second version and literally, odd as it may sound, cannot wait to play the movie on repeat for her and learn all the songs just as I did a few years past with her big sister!!  I’m weird like that I guess! 

We met with some more family and took Grandma and Grandpa with us to a live nativity show. I am so excited to start the Christmas season and hearing the story of Christ’s birth was the perfect way to start it off!!  Mom was a tad unprepared and left all her winter hats and gloves at home so the “teenage looking boy” in all those pics is just me, lol. Fashion flew by the wayside to warmth. Thanks to my Ian, 15, who thankfully runs warm and lent me his beenie!  

We spent lots of time this weekend eating, visiting, watching movies on the couch, napping, spending time, giggling at our little one and teasing each other. Among all the yelling, crying and fighting, which of course makes mom crazy, memories are made and THAT’s what makes all the crazy times worth it. We are building relationships with one another that will endure lifetimes, mine and then their’s and hopefully one day the next generation as well. Those memories are why we do it!!

We learned:

Cece still hates the dark and will pitch a fit over bedtime even when not home.  Plus her hair will still resemble a small birds nest if an an adult doesn’t take over the brush!
Our little lady loves to explore and big bro Ian will still commandeer all her firsts unless I tell him I want to be involved. 😂
When one is missing it will always feel like a larger hole the 100 lb daughter who isn’t there should make. 
Fighting will always ensue..which truthfully I learned many many years ago.
The car is always a fight zone. 
The dog really doesn’t like being left at grandpa and grandma’s without his people. Even for a few hours and will sit at the door and whine almost as long as we are gone. 
A teenage boy can FaceTime and text his girl as much as his older sister would’ve text her guy!  Ps. Which I sorta love! 🤫

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