Monday, December 23, 2019

McEwan Crazies Chronicles week of Dec 15-Dec 22

The week before Christmas is crrAzzzy!  Am I right?!?  The kids, well mom too, are all hoped up on sugar. (Yep, the ten “baby” pounds I lost in Oct are fully back on my hips thanks to’s a life long journey...we will try again in January like the rest of the world.) Everyone is so excited for Christmas!  This time is magical but can also lead to some high strung kids and crazy moments during family outings and Christmas fun. Being Mrs. Claus is freaking exhausting. You know?  Creating all that magic and stuff??

This week we implemented no yelling. After the mall/outing debacle mom had had enough and decided no more!  You can read about that on another blog post about parenting a difficult child. To my serious shock it’s working pretty well!  Yep, there is still yelling but when we remind the kids..mostly the one kid to be honest...that we will stop listening if you yell, she quickly retreats. It reiterated my thought that the girl had always just wanted to be heard.

Sweet Cece had her third grade Nutcracker field trip!  I’m always so jealous. I get to dress them up all fancy for their day at the ballet. As I was combing her hair and giving it a little curling iron treatment, I joked with her that her fellow classmates wouldn’t recognize her with out the birds flying out of her nest of hair!  She has the worst brushing technique!  I literally found a hamburger bun seed in it the other night as I was brushing it for bedtime. Lol. I wish I could say I was better, but mom loves her sleep and she’s almost 9 years old!  Brushing her hair should be something she should be able to do by herself now. Oh, well. Life of the 6th child.  We help her when it’s needed and school apparently doesn’t qualify. Haha. I’m assured by my hubby that she’s not the only little with birds circling their heads at school drop off!

We took family pics on Thursday!!  It’s always an adventure. Mostly to get out of the house and to the location on time with everyone dressed and ready. Add on a 12 year old girl who hated the outfit she was given and then every other outfit idea suggested then ended up being poked in the eye and crying off all her mascara and it was a sheer miracle we arrived only 8 min late. We got some pretty nice pics I must say!  I was hit hard watching a group photo of the kids being taken. I can’t believe I call each of these amazing humans mine. Only 21 years ago these incredible individuals didn’t even exist but because john and I decided we wanted them, they are here and are absolutely wonderfully unique. Being a mom is so cool. No matter how many you have. The thought also hit that, dang, we have a lot of kids!! Haha.

We took them to dinner after pictures and had the opportunity to be a zoo exhibit to an older couple sitting nearby. Now, I’m fully aware that we can be nuts and loud, but during this particular time they were actually all magically getting along. While I understand that there are a lot of us, it’s extremely irritating to me to be stared at and given dirty looks for no reason besides occupying a large table. This has no bearing except to share my frustration!  I was proud of my kids that evening so I’d like to tell that couple to go ahead and mind your own business. Mmkay??  If we are performing some circus act?  I welcome you to stare though....!  It’s just upsetting to me to have people stare and judge my kids negatively for no reason other than being one of 7 in our family!!  Judge us on their behavior, how we deal with it when it happens, how they act towards others and their kindness to strangers. We are a work in progress, as we all are!  Rant over.

Daddy took the older kids to see the new Star Wars on Saturday. Mommy, while I don’t loooove Star Wars would’ve probably gone, but thought Izzy would've most likely  kept me in the hall anyway.  I've learned over the years that if I’m gonna be outside the theater I’d like being outside it far away at home where I can do something else I want to do and chill. Mommy, Cece and Izzy ended up hitting some last minute Christmas shopping and went to Kneaders for some girl time. Sometimes, when the stars align, time together is magical!  That was lunch with my little ladies on Saturday!  It was just like old times with my tiny girl (Cece).

We made Christmas cut out cookies thanks to Pillsbury.  Despite mom’s under achieving with the cookie dough making,  the kids had fun and our oldest even joined in. She makes everything fun...unless she’s hangry. For a tiny girl she has a big growl when she’s hungry!  I even got to spread Christmas cheer to my +2 bonus kids...aka the significant others. I loved shopping for things I thought they’d enjoy!

We rounded out the week at a Family dinner get together with John's siblings. We ate way too much yummy food and handed out our Christmas gifts. Visiting, laughing and enjoying time together as a family is truly a blessed time. We never know when we won’t have our loved ones around, so appreciate those close to you while they are here!!

Christmas is only 3 days away!!  I can’t believe it. I love the Christmas season and the atmosphere in December and am not quite ready to wave it goodbye this year!  The next few days have lots of family time planned and I am so grateful!!  Time is one of the best gifts we could receive.

Merry Christmas!!  Until next week!

Love, Mykin

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