Sunday, December 15, 2019

McEwan Crazies Chronicles December 8 - December 15

Hey everyone!  We've had a busy week.  Well truthfully all weeks are crazy around here but we've had lots of activities outside our busy, crazy house this week.

We started it off with one of our December family traditions!  We had the kids who wanted to attend ( this ones not required of the olders, and probably for the best...keep reading, lol) put on jammies and jump in the car.  Of course one of our older teens decided to go and mommy was super happy to have them along until the fighting of the pre-teen/and the teen commenced.  Holy Moly, those two are oil and water these days, caused a huge amount of noise and chaos and drove their parents royally nuts for most the experience.  What the heck is up up with teens?  Maybe yours are magical, but a common thread I've noticed around here is bickering, arguing and general nastiness unless everything is going to their expectations a lot of time.  It seems to  get better as they age out of those years but we have a couple right in the middle of it!  We headed to McDonald's for dinner and cocoa and thought a mobile order would be a super easy convenience.  It was not, but this story isn't to complain about the poor, young McDonald's employees. It's just

about our crazy night so we won't get into it.  It did cause the kids to turn rabid waiting for their food though so that's why its relevant!  The whole point of the trip was to drive through the Christmas in Color light show with the kids after we ate our rolling dinner and sip on our delicious cocoa as we experienced the magic of Christmas.  Cece, climbed cozily onto daddy's lap to enjoy the show, Ian grabbed up his baby sister, to show her the magic....momma rarely enjoys those things with her when Ian's around unless I ask to share, which of course I did!  I mean, holy sweetness. We rolled the windows down and prepared to enjoy our family tradition...that's when the show started.  Bryce had a meltdown because he was in the very back and only 4 windows rolled down, not his mom told him to head on up to the front.  The dog the kids had to bring climbed all over everyone and whined continually because he wanted out and about.  Izzy got bored and cried because she had to share daddy with Cece and Cece spilled cocoa on her leg and foot and floor of the car.  Ian complained, mom's headache worsened, I had a cold, so I had an excuse beyond the kids though.  So moral is; not all outings and traditions run smoothly.  Actually when it does its an anomaly that we are so thankful for and go down into our archives as memories that become favorites of all.  But, we showed up!!  The kids did have a good time, amongst the crazy and we made memories we will all laugh at on day I'm sure.  Which could be some of the best memories when you look at it from a future perspective.  Ask me next year!

We headed on Thursday to our sweet Andi’s choir concert. I love watching my kids do their thing. We aren’t a huge extracurricular type family but I love when they have school programs, or even when they have a passion for something I get to watch come to fruition...Like Aidan’s motorcycle and guitar stuff he loves. We try and encourage their siblings to come support them but we understand sometimes work and other obligations get in the way. We had all 5 younger kids and Kinzie tried to get there but ended up  missing the performance.  She was quickly forgiven when she came bringing flowers for her little sis. She really is so thoughtful of all of us and such a wonderful, giving soul. Wish she saw herself the way we do. Afterward we took them all out for dinner.  Man, December is a crazy pricey month for dinners out but I swear it’s my favorite month with all the time we get with our entire family together even if it requires a restaurant to get them there, lol. We see everyone together, 5 to 1 ,than any other month of the year. The cute waitress understood big families, and it seems we are now labeled a “party” when we show up together. The oldest two joined and brought their sweet other halves and it was fabulously, loud and giggly and goofy and everything we always are. We did get told we were the easiest “party” the waitress ever had. It made me laugh because I’m not sure how our chaos manages to be easy in any way but we have a system to most our crazy, even restaurants, that is mostly to keep mom sane but maybe helps the servers as well?!?  Who knows?!  Everything around our family is organized chaos. Truly there is a system...I promise. Even if it looks like the circus animals have taken over. 

Dad and mom snuck out for some  Christmas shopping and a little date night on Friday, which is always welcomed!  We hit a local Mexican restaurant we haven’t been to in years and used to be one of the only two sit down restaurants in American Fork back in the day. Any locals hazard a guess??  Man this area has boomed. Not sure my feelings on it exactly, except for the hate of the traffic and crowds and the wait at most restaurants for a table now a days. 

Saturday mom planned a Christmas outing mostly for our young ones. Even then it seemed they were all getting a tad too big except for Cece and our tiny Izzy. Guess it’s time for another little, haha. We made it all the way to Mona and visited Young Living Lavender Farm. They had an Old Fashioned Christmas including s’mores, live nativity, wagon ride, the amazing draft horses and Santa and Mrs. Claus. We let our Andi bring a friend and that saved the day, mostly.  Mommy loved the horses and the nativity songs. Izzy loved walking and exploring and her s’more!  We even got to see some reindeer. 


We are happy to announce that despite Cece’s meltdowns each time we got into the car she made it home and wasn’t left on the side of the road. Girl can work herself up. We are working on it. Well we are trying anyway. We started implementing a new technique of removing her from said situation she’s worked up over. For some reason she gets a thought in her mind and despite reasoning's from all sides, it is cemented hard. Sometimes, removing her gets her mind to move on. Any ideas anyone?  I’d really welcome the thoughts on how to deal and why she might be so one tracked?  ADHD, maybe??  She doesn’t have many other symptoms though so maybe just stubborn as crap. We’ll help her figure it all out, but I have a feeling we are in it for a long haul. It’s probably more of a case of helping her figure out how to deal with it when she feels a certain way, than actually stopping her from being that way because it seems to be pretty much who she is. She is just a one tracked passionate little soul. Sure love that chaos creator!

Like all weeks, this week was full of messes and routines and laundry and dishes. Luckily we were able to throw in some fun activities too!  This time of year is so fun!  Parenting, as usual is a roller coaster of frustration and love and hope and sometimes sadness. We love these kids with everything even when it’s hard. We are getting on with Christmas and hopefully getting my house back together. Mom does not do well with messes and clutter and it seems as if the wrapping department at the North Pole exploded around here. Add on the normal kids messes and my anxiety is through the roof. We will survive. We will create memories!!!

Until next week!  We have a couple fun things this coming week too. Isn’t December awesome and exhausting??  Let’s all hope the older kids get all school work turned in for the end of semester this week. Then it’s on to Christmas break!!  
We have a love/hate relationship.

Love, Mykin

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