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McEwan Crazies Weekly Vol 1

Welcome to the wonderful sometimes crazy world of the McEwan Family.  I decided in order to not only write about my feelings and ideas but also leave a journal of family fun (or not so fun) that I'm going to start a weekly newsletter to go into the blog!  I feel like I've gotten to share a lot of my heart but not much of the going's on around here.  Some weeks there isn't much but the normal everyday chaos that surrounds us and some weeks we do really fun cool things and have awesome experiences.  One thing that is consistent is that regular life always teaches us something.  Good or bad!  So I will include what's I've learned through our hard knocks!  Here's to life!!

This weeks shenanigans:
 Nov 16-23

Holy crap we've been seeing the amazon delivery guy, like everyday!  That's what happens when you buy ALL the Christmas all at once, lol.  This momma needs Christmas presents over and done with if I want to enjoy the blessings of the season.  It's such a giant stress to figure out what, who, how much and when it's going to get purchased.  If I do it on credit...blah, it sucks to payback but I feel "done" and can then in turn let the stress go.  I know, it makes no sense because I will still be figuring out the paying it back thing which can be stressful in and of itself...but my mind is crazy like that, I guess.  So, now that it's purchased we've been getting all sorts of packages all the time to the tune of the dog and his crazy barking every. single. time!!  Now I get to open, organize and wrap!  BOO!

Getting ready to deck the halls this weekend!  We are headed down south for Thanksgiving weekend so I wanted to get the tree set up this weekend before we leave.  Of course, I decided to order a new one that's pre-lit!  Woohoo!  It's gonna be awesome to not see the strands of lights falling of the branches all month due to all the rearranging our tree goes through with all the tiny hands exploring their ornaments! John and I went on a date and ended up looking at Christmas stuff.  John always makes me a laugh and even lets me take goofy pics of him, so win/win even though we ended up at Home Depot.

We grabbed some large colored outdoor lights.  We haven't put lights on the house in FOREVER, but John was feeling nostalgic for the big bulb lights of his childhood and we went for it.  Plus, John got a train set for under the tree so he's basically reliving his boyhood, so happy daddy!  We've spent all Saturday putting up trees and decorating.  Of course our house doesn't look all pretty instead it resembles a small Christmas explosion and empty boxes.  Being festive is a lot of work and even more mess. When we were younger and the older kids were little the goal was always for mom to have her "pretty" tree and eventually let the kids go to town with all their ornaments they each get every year and have their own tree.  I finally did it this year!  We apparently spent so much time making traditions that it traumatizes the kids to change it in anyway!  Even the 15 year old.  I'm pretty stoked to start this new little tradition and get my pretty tree finally!!  

The kids?  Not so much.  I heard about it all day long to the tune of one crazy pants 8 year old, Cece, who screamed bloody murder when we weren't going to put the "kids" tree up today.  Mmmmm, we did though, so maybe she knows how to work us better than I think.   
The kids were way to excited to get out on the roof for a minute with daddy and mom had her heart in her throat the whole dang time.  The dog even wanted in on the action and literally jumped from the floor out the open window and onto the roof for play time!!  What the heck?!?  We are just lucky he didn't break his neck.  Also, thankful the kids made it off safely as well!  Mommas have a hard job letting daddies do their thing with the kids.  It's called balance, I guess.

We spent much of this week nursing an ornery toddler.  Not sure if it's those nasty eye teeth moving around but every week or two we encounter a Mr. Hyde version of our sweet little lady!!  We've been cuddling and watching way to much Cocomelon.  Have you heard of it?  My little Izzy LOVES it.  We've tried introducing to other show but the short nursery rhyme style shows just seems to be perfect for her attention span!  Hopefully, something happens with her teeth, or her attitude and we get out little sweetie back soon!  *prayer hands*

We are excited for the upcoming week and all the fun activities we have planned with family!  Not to mention Thanksgiving, yummy food and remembering all that we are thankful for!  There are always blessing to be found even when we are struggling.  Sometimes we have to dig deeper through the crap to find them, but I promise they are there!  I am thankful for my sweet family, even when my husband calls me out for being "loud" the other night.  It's no shocker, but it wasn't fun to hear, lol.  I'm working on it, but dang it, trying to get a word in around here you have to be louder than everyone talking over you or you won't get a turn.  It's cool, he isn't to shy to speak loudly either!  Probably why we have such loud stinking kids.  Ha, Ha...sniffle, sniffle.

Lessons learned this week:

Cece CAN pretty much scream and yell all day some days.  I wondered, but it is indeed possible.
Christmas is magical and even though decorating is a mess it has a certain feeling to it that is just the best!
Oldest daughters can get upset that you decorated the tree and house without her even though most times she will opt out or rather be with her BF than do these kinds of things at home.  Apparently we should ask first!  Oops, sorry Kinz!
Teddybear (the dog) can jump REALLY high and does indeed want to be in all the action all the time even if it's on the roof!
All dates are fun no matter what you do or where you go!  Even errand while wearing leggings.  Its all about the time spent together.
Asking questions in the dark at 11pm about what your spouses child Christmas tree looked like all decorated, their favorite food from Christmas dinner will lead into learned so much about each other, our childhoods, our mom's and families we don't have anymore!  It's the best.

Join us again for next weeks recap! The good, the bad, the ugly and always, the crazy!!
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Love, Mykin

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