Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Since it's so close to Thanksgiving I've been thinking a lot about gratitude.  Finding our blessings is definitely becoming something that we have to be more intentional about!  It seems these days with social media and comparison it's getting harder and harder to remember all the things we have to be thankful for and  it seems is making it harder and harder to be content within our own lives.  Seeing the "highlight" reel of others and comparing it to our worst moments isn't beneficial for anyone!
I love social media.  I like seeing what friends and family are up to, looking how others are living, and making new friends, but it can be hard  to remember that it's not real.  It's literally some one's life with a filter.  I'm guilty of it too!  Nobody wants the pic of kids crying or the disaster my house is most days showing up in someone’s feed!  I mean if you knocked on my door any random day chances are I might. It let you why would I post it?!?  Lol.unfortunately my life is just crazy enough and my kids just stubborn enough to keep me from getting those perfect shots anyway so most of my feed is pretty real most  of the time.  Thanks kids!  We definitely need to do our best to remember that we really are all the same.  People aren't scrolling through social media while on vacation or out on some amazing outing.  It's when we are sitting in our second day sweats and a make up free face at home we have the time!  So those gorgeous pics, travel posts and dressed up couples?  That's not their everyday normal!  Social media can be great if used in the right way, and even though I do my best to remember that,  I’m still guilty of judging my life against others. Truthfully, you’d think by now that having seven opinionated little hellions would’ve shaken the desire to have it all together out of me by now! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Comparison can seriously suck the gratitude for your own beautiful life away!
I am so guilty of comparing my messy, fingerprinted, crumb filled house of toys and stuff with others social media pics of perfectly decorated home with pretty,  white furniture with everything in it's place.  For real, anything white around here would be a joke. I have white bedding and I literally never make true bed because the kids are all over it all the time and I do t want it dirty. Totally stupid!  😂.  We have 7 children and a budget.  No gorgeous white furniture here and you can bet nothing is where it should be if the kids are home from school!  
So this post is about seeing your life for what it is and having gratitude for what YOU and me, have right in front of us!!
While I don't have brand new furniture and it's taken me a year and still steadily working at it to  redecorate our house for the 2nd time in our twenty year marriage...geez decor is pricey, even if you are an amazon/walmart/target shopper...I am grateful to be able to spend $30 here and $50 there every month or so to add to my house piece by piece.  While I don't have a lot of extra there is way more than there used to in the past.
One thing I'm truly thankful for is our home.  We settle down in 10 years ago when we were in a rush to find a place due to circumstances out of our control.  We were so blessed to find the home we are now in.  At the time we had 4 kids and this house has 6 bedrooms.  I had all sorts of wild dreams of playrooms, and guestrooms.  Little did I know we'd have baby 5 less than a year later and then 6 and now 7.  We ended up with the space we needed and I'm truly thankful to have raised our kids here in this home and in this neighborhood.  It's one of the main reasons we have stayed so long.  Maybe someday we will build a nice new place but for now my kids are settled and I am happy here!
Lately we’ve been to countless doctor appointments. Mostly checkups and other minor things but  I sat there last week at a dermatologist appointment with my oldest, watching my youngest discovering her way around the office.  I thought to myself,  as many appointments and checkups as we've had recently we are so blessed to have healthy kids.  So many others spend their lives in one office, hospital room or another with really sick kids or family members. It’s truly such a huge blessing to have such healthy kids and I am so grateful!
Really, I could write on this topic forever and keep listing the things my heart is grateful for but the reason my heart wanted to write this to begin with was in hopes that anyone who happened to read it would take a look at their own life and find things they are thankful for.  We all have hard things, some more than others, but I have a feeling that even those going through some really hard things can still list off reasons to be grateful!  Somedays it takes a little more effort than others to remember our blessings but they are always there if we look for them!
My top reasons to be thankful:  My family, health, food on the table, a good marriage we put the work in to, living in the place I live, having everything we need and even many things we want.  I'm thankful to have my husband and I both here on this earth raising our kids in the way we dreamed. To be able to teach my kids in the way I want and love them the way my heart desires is seriously o e of my greatest blessings!  One my husband and my mother's didn't get a chance to do before their deaths.  Losing my mom at an early age definitely shaped the way I view my own motherhood but that’s a whole other post.  I am just so very thankful.
I challenge you to list at least 10 things you are grateful for this Thanksgiving season!  Let's all do our best to remember that what we see on social media is every one's highlight reel and lets not compare that to our everyday life stress and mess!

Ps.  Here's a little real for you....Last night I told my son if I saw my throw pillows on the ground one more time I was gonna take his Christmas back.  LOL.  I'm telling you if I have ANYTHING nice it doesn't last long around here!!  Someday I will sit in blissful quiet, in a clean, pretty home, and I will MISS this!!  I tell myself that at least 10 times a day!!

Love, Mykin


Nothing like a wall full of laundry!!  This is hardly EVER clear.  I really do hate it but apparently not enough to put the laundry away too quickly! lol.  But yay!  Working washer and dryer!

                                                                           Oh this messy kitchen!  Trying to keep the sink dish free is impossible while also keeping my kids on a schedule to unload the dishwasher!  It's never done when it should be unless momma is on top of her game.  Truthfully, that's rare.  I do my best to make sure the counters are clean and this happened to be a particularly messy day so thank goodness it isn't like that all the time!  Also, anyone wanna come paint these cabinets white?!?

I'm just thankful we have a dishwasher because we've gone through 4 in 10 years and once it was a whole 4 months until I got a new one.  That was the worst with the amount of people we have dirtying the dishes around here!

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