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Meet the McEwan's

Welcome to the start of my new blog!  I've always loved to journal and keep fun memories alive.  I attribute it to losing my mom as a young girl of 13 and missing all the things she could've taught me and memories she would've shared.  By journaling I have an outlet to all my emotions and the things floating around in my head and I can leave something for the people I love to look back on.  A way for them to see their memories through my eyes and to learn more about me.  Sometimes the good, the bad and the struggles.  To tell the truth my hand got tired of all that writing and my time grew smaller the more kids we had so I haven't journaled in a long time.  Instagram became our family scrapbook and journal instead.  Now I'm determined to bring back the blog.  I did a small one back in the days before social media as a way for my friends and I in high school to stay up on each others life.  

I met this guy in high school in 1996 where it became apparent that he was definitely a hoodlum and I didn't want to have anything to do with him.  He quickly changed my mind and we became friends and crushes, although I wasn't entirely wrong about my first impression of him, haha.  We started dating each other almost an entire year later after writing letters back and forth after he'd moved to a new county about 2 hours away.  I really think we fell in love through those letters.  We were only 17 and 16 years old but we'd both been through a lifetime of pain by then and I think our souls were just looking for each other, but that's another post all together. We were instantly able to talk about everything.  All the bad.  All the good.  All our struggles.  He moved back for the summer to stay with his sister and we were inseparable from that day on.  Luckily I had also chosen a college only 30 min from where he lived so when our summer was over we were still able to stay pretty close through letters, phone calls and visits.  Well as much as we could since he was still in his senior year.  Yep, I'm the older one in this relationship.  We got married in the fall of 1998 at 19 and 18 years old.  I'm sure there were those who said we wouldn't last but here we are 21 years later and we are still wildly in love if not often annoyed with one another!
Kinzie, 19

We had our oldest daughter, Kinzie, just a year after we were first married.  What were we thinking!!?  Neither of us have moms around. We both lost them the same year and found out after we were married that they are buried only 15 feet from one another in the same cemetary.  We had to feel

Aidan, 17
our way.  Luckily, our little baby girl was THE EASIEST little joyful girl.  I'm not sure we could've messed her up.  She was all smiles and sweetness.  Along came her little brother 21 months later and the adjustment to two, two years apart was CRAZY.  So was our little Aidan!!  He was nothing like his sister and was in a rush to crawl, walk and create havoc.  He was also extremely stubborn.  I had to read ALL the parenting books.  Lets just say its a miracle he survived toddler hood with all his climbing and inquisitiveness.  Our next little guy Ian came 2 and a half years later.  They say number three is the hardest to adjust to but that second was the most difficult for me!!  Our little Ian had a zest for life and all things Lightning McQueen.  Princess Andelynn joined us 3 and a half years later.  I was ready for another sweet girl and told the utrasound technician that if she came out a boy I'd be back in his office in fighting form.  What a sweet gentle little spirit who loved CareBear's and sleepy time.  She would shimmy and giggle when we laid her down.  Bryce was the next, 21 mo. later and the best surprise I've ever gotten!!  He is a hyper little stink with a peaceful spirit.  Regardless of his loud, bouncy self he bring peace to our family.  He was the very first blue eyed baby from two brown eyed
Andelynn, 11
Ian, 14
parents!  Our Sienna (Cece) came 2 years later.  She was the first baby with blond hair, second with blue eyes and the very first with her daddy's curls!!  It was a crazy time her first few years.  Three under 4 was NUTS but we survived.  She was going to be our caboose and was raised as the "baby".  She's still a tad spoiled but couldn't have been happier to be a big sister!  So 7 years after our "baby" was born we had our next baby, Eisley.  She's 18 mo and complete magic still!!  All the kids love her to death.  I am so very certain that she was waiting and waiting to join our family.  She's been so joyful from the minute she was born.  
Bryce, 9

Cece, 7
My dream from the time I was just a little girl was to have a gaggle of kids and be a stay at home mom.  We all have different dreams and this was mine.  I've always loved snuggling little babies and was curious from the time I knew about pregnancy and childbirth to experience what it would feel like to carry a baby.  I am SO thankful that I am blessed to have been able to 7 times now and don't take it for granted.  I never have figured out what career I would pursue in a different life.  I believe we all have a path and we all get to chose what's best for US.  I'm not going to ever say my path is best or say anyone should follow my way.  I'm just going to use this space to share the crazy journey of the one I chose.  I'm always open to throwing my people under the bus to share some of the wisdom I might've learned along the way.  Some days I doubt I'm adequate enough to handle it!   These kids all have such strong personalities and are all so stubborn it seems like we are engaging in a battle to the death around here!

I'm gonna use this space to share all sorts of things.  To get things out of my head and off my chest, to make a journal for my family, to share the good, bad and ugly.  I'll share how we make raising a large family work on one income and a tight budget, what we are doing to raise good, service minded kids, also the things we do that fail.  I'll share family outings both the fun, sweet memory making and the crazy behind the scenes real life moments.  I plan to share my feelings on life, mental health, learning to love yourself even when its a struggle and raising kids all while still trying to figure out exactly who I am and where I fit in the world.  I'll share life changes and rolling with the new phase's, both the blessings and the hardships and my musings on family, faith and life.  
Eisley, 6 wks

I hope you'll come back to visit and learn more about our crazy family of 9!  I hope I can make you smile, relate, maybe reflect on your life and of course laugh at our crazy!!!  One thing I know for sure is that if you can't laugh at life and yourself then life itself will run you over!!

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